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Shimmer and Shine™ Shimmer

3 years & up


  • Product Features

    Make playtime a magical adventure with your genie divine, Shimmer!

    Meet Shimmer! A loveable ball of enthusiastic energy, Shimmer is always looking to maximize the fun! She’s bright and cheerful and wherever she goes her pet monkey, Tala, is by her side…or on her shoulder…or her head. This pretty Shimmer doll comes dressed in her purple satin genie outfit and features a soft pink ponytail. Shimmer also comes with special gem stickers and a hair comb shaped like Tala. Shimmer is approximately 15.2 cm (6 in).

    • Shimmer features a soft ponytail little ones will love to brush and style
    • Includes a hair comb in the shape of Shimmer’s pet monkey, Tala
    • Shimmer is dressed in her satin genie outfit, matching shoes and golden bracelets

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