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Having Fun Together

Mother's Day Craft: Wooden Utensils and Potholders

Thank the special mums, grandmas, and aunts in your child's life with this easy DIY gift

Know a mom who loves to cook? These easy kid-decorated DIY kitchen utensils and potholders are the perfect gifts for Mother's Day.
Wooden kitchen utensils
Plain pot holders
Pearl acrylic craft paint
Paint brushes
Painter's tape
Nontoxic clear shellac/sealant

1. Prep the wooden utensils by using painter's tape to block off about 1/3 of the handle for painting.
2. Pour paint colours onto a palette or paper plate, then let your child have fun painting the potholders and utensils.
3. When the paint on the wooden utensils is dry, seal it with (all natural, nontoxic) clear shellac. Let dry, and then carefully remove the painter's tape to reveal a clean paint line.