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Having Fun Together

10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

These crazy-cute DIY costumes are easy enough to make in a night!

Get ready for Halloween with these adorable DIY Halloween costumes that are so easy, you can make one in a night!

Football Player (and Football)

White felt football "laces" glued to a brown onesie make the baby an adorable accessory to a big sib's uniform (also felt glued on a sporty top). Add a store-bought helmet and it's game time. (Via Crazy Little Projects)

Bat Wings

Black felt, elastic, scissors and a glue gun is all it takes to make these no-sew batwings. After cutting out your sketched design for your kiddo's "wingspan," glue the elastics in the right place. Add an all-black outfit and he's ready to fly! (Via Little Inspiration


Hot-glue pink and green cut-out felt to a red bodysuit, add a green cap, and this is a berry adorable costume! (Via You Are My Fave)

Black Cat

Start with an all-black outfit and tutu and top it off with a tail and ears, made by hot-gluing a toy black feather boa to a shaped wire hanger (the tail) and then to cut-out felt "ears" that are then glued to barrettes. Add whiskers and this black kitty is ready to cross your path! (Via Do It Yourself Divas)  


Sew or hot-glue two rectangles of orange fuzzy fabric together to create the body and add green felt for the leaves at the neckline. Hot-glue or machine applique the black felt jack-'o-lantern face. (Via Crafty Gemini)  

Rainy Day

Use spray adhesive to glue polyester batting to a party hat to create the cloud, tinting with gray spray paint. Attach felt raindrops to yarn and to the hat with hot glue, then add rain boots to a solid color outfit and-weather permitting-you're done! (Via Make It & Love It)


A painted cardboard box is all it takes to turn your train-lover into everyone's favorite engine. Top it off with a conductor's hat and bandana.

Juice Box

The genius accessory to this easy cardboard box costume? A pool noodle that serves as a super-sized straw. (Via Mer Mag)


Brighten the Halloween sky with this easy painted cardboard rainbow and clouds. (Via Hello Wonderful)


Create a felt bodysuit (or, even easier, start with a yellow t-shirt) and use hot glue to attach cut-out felt teardrops in a layered pattern. Hot glue faux plant leaves to the neckline and to a green border for the topper. (Via Camille Styles)