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Having Fun Together

How to Throw a Baby Sprinkle

These gorgeous raindrop-themed party ideas are perfect for a first-baby shower or a second-baby "sprinkle"

From the of-the-moment peach and green paper fans and printable garland to the rainbow sprinkle cake and so-pretty invites, this gorgeous raindrop-themed baby shower is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


These printable baby sprinkle invitations have an optional pattern on the back. Print them at home or at a local printer—and pop them in shimmery silver envelopes for a touch of glam.

Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

To make this cake, you’ll need 2 boxes of white cake mix, sprinkles, food coloring, and 4 tubs of frosting.

Divide the batter of the first cake into two parts, and tint one part light green and one part peach. Mix 1/2 cup sprinkles into the second bowl of cake mix batter. Bake each cake in an 8-inch round cake pan (four in total) and use a serrated knife to level each layer so they will stack evenly. When stacking the layers, alternate between cake colors and the sprinkled white one.

Apply frosting between the layers and outside of the cake. Refrigerate for an hour, and then reapply frosting to the outside of the cake. Refrigerate for another hour to let frosting set and then gently press sprinkles around the sides of the cake. Pipe dots around the base of the cake and garnish with sugar pearls.

Cut out the printable cloud and raindrops cake topper. Glue the raindrops to clear fishing wire and tape them to the back of the cloud. Attach the completed topper to wooden skewers and insert into the cake.

Diaper Pin Drink Wraps

Make any beverage baby sprinkle-worthy with these easy DIY bottles. To make them, cut 2-inch strips of white felt and patterned fabric that are long enough to wrap twice around each bottle. Use diaper pins to secure the strips and dab dots of paint onto the white felt for a subtle pop of color.

Stamp Art Bodysuits and Burp Cloths

Have guests decorate plain white bodysuits and burp cloths for the mom-to-be using pencil erasers and fabric-ink pads. Cookie cutters or stencils can make designing even easier!

Modern Baby Clothes Garland

Print and cut out these sweet bodysuit silhouettes onto white card stock. Then punch small holes at the neck of each paper bodysuit and thread them through baker’s twine or string to make a custom-length banner.

“About to Pop!” Treats

Make a batch of your favorite marshmallow cereal treats and let cool for an hour. Cut into rectangles, and then firmly press the top of each treat into a shallow dish of sprinkles. Insert the popsicle sticks, package the treats in cellophane bags embellished with baker’s twine, and add the printable “About to Pop!” labels for a finishing touch.

Spotlight Gift

Put an unwrapped, amazing gift on display—(this one is the On-the-Go Baby Dome) so it can do double duty as decor.