Power Wheels Vehicles

Dear Power Wheels Owner,

As you know, Fisher-Price recalled up to 8,000 of its Power Wheels vehicles on October 23rd 1998 from Australia consumers and retailers because of concerns raised in the United States that some models could pose a safety risk. It appears the vehicle's electrical components could over-heat if not operated as recommended. To Mattel's knowledge there have been no reports of this type of incident in Australia.

Whilst many Power Wheels vehicles are not affected and appear to be perfectly safe if used properly, there could be a problem if people tamper with the toy's Super 6Volt or 12Volt batteries and electrical components.

Mattel have produced a new "Connector and Fuse Safety Kit" that will prohibit consumers tampering with the product and over-riding the existing safety shut-off mechanism.

Consumers can ring 1300 135 312 for information and advice on Power Wheels and the safety kits.