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Sleeping & Soothing

How Do You Escape Your Kid's Bedroom at Night?

Bedtime is anything but simple for these parents

Sure, you're supposed to let babies and kids fall asleep on their own so they'll learn to self-soothe later, but that's often easier said than done-and once your kid is finally asleep, many parents will do anything to keep him or her that way.

Which is why one dad's nanny cam video is so hilarious: You can see his wife doing a backwards commando crawl to escape their sleeping baby's room.

Any she's not alone, as these parents will tell you. Here's how they escape their child's room at bedtime:

"I would slowly (painfully slowly) take tiny steps out of the room in case they heard me leaving and opened their eyes. Sometimes it would take 10 minutes." -Joanna

"My toddler is at that age where he asks for countless glasses of waters and hugs at bedtime. To curb those requests, I make a big production out of getting him "one last" glass of water and giving him "one last" big hug." -Lisa

"My husband or I actually got into the crib with my girls when they were little. It was tricky getting out without waking withm with our squeaky crib mattress. If I was successful without waking them, I would put a small teddy bear or stuffed animal next to them so they thought I was still there." -Danielle

"I've laid on the floor next to my youngest daughter's bed until she has fallen asleep, but she is such a light sleeper that I would have to military crawl out of there." -Elizabeth

"I used to tell my oldest that I had to go to the bathroom and I'd come back in a little while. Worked 95 percent of the time." -Denise

"'Mommy has to walk the dog' seems to unearth some sort of empathy and they usually let me go. -Rosemary

"Kiss goodnight and run. Don't look back - just run!" -Andrea