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Nutrition & Feeding

9 School Party Treats

Rock the end of the school year with these yummy snacks

Is there any better way to close out the school year than with “apple” cupcakes and fruit “donuts?” Your kid—and his classmates!—will love these fun treats.

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Emoji Cereal Treats

Is your kid happy school’s over? Sad she won’t see her friends? There’s a snack for that! Mold cereal into circles and then pipe on funny faces. (Via Sue At Home)

No-Bake Sheep Grahams

Even the most time-crunched parent can throw some marshmallows on a cracker to create these adorable bites. (Via Dancing Through the Rain)

Easy Apple Fruit Donuts

Cream cheese and a dash of sprinkles turn a piece of fruit into a coveted classroom favorite. Hint: You can try it with pears, too. (Via Hello, Wonderful)

Owl Rice Cake Snacks

All it takes to amp up a bland rice cake: Blueberries for eyes and apples for wings. Glue it all together with peanut butter and you’ve got an owl-dorable treat. (Via A Few Shortcuts)

Easy Rainbow Snack Mix

Busy? Toss together some crackers and cereal in rainbow hues to create a bright party mix—proof that it doesn’t take a lot of time to make a special snack, just a bit of ROYGBIV inspiration. (Via Shaken Together)

Donut and Fruit Kabobs

Alternate between the perfect mix of sweet and healthy with bite-sized donut holes and fresh berries. A win-win! (Via Domestic Fashionista)

Galaxy Muffins

Cut refrigerated biscuit dough into bite-sized pieces and then coat with cinnamon glaze. Use space-colored sprinkles for an out-of-this world goodie. (Via The First Year)

Apple-Shaped Cupcakes

Add a green gummy for a leaf and a pretzel stick for a stem to make these cute snacks. (Via Make and Takes)

Easy Rainbow "Banilla" Bites

Stick a banana slice between cookies to hid the health factor in this miniature-sized munch. (Via A Helicopter Mom)