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DIY Animal Face Fruit Snacks

Gah! Too cute!


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Here's how to make a puppy, owl, and more cute food art ideas by using pieces of fruit and a few other ingredients!


Apple puppy: apple, knife, cutting board, 2 cashews, 2 mini chocolate chips, 1 raisin, 1 toothpick, hazelnut spread, small spatula
Pear cow: pear, knife, cutting board, banana slice, 2 almond slices, 4 mini chocolate chips, 1 toothpick, peanut butter, small spatula
Apple owl: apple, knife, cutting board, 1 almond, 2 almond slivers, 2 blueberries, peanut butter, small spatula
Apple lion: apple, knife, cutting board, raisin, cereal, peanut butter, 2 mini chocolate chips, small spatula
Banana giraffe: banana, knife, cutting board, 1 cashew, a mini chocolate chip and hazelnut spread


Apple puppy
Cut a slice of an apple and smear on a patch of hazelnut spread. "Glue" cashew puppy ears to each side. Add a raisin for a nose and chocolate chips for the eyes. Add the mouth using a small sliver of apple.

Pear cow
Cut a slice of a pear and spread peanut butter on top. Create a cow nose with a banana slice and add chocolate chips for the nostrils and eyes. Add the ears and horns by using almond slices.

Apple owl
Place blueberries for eyes onto an apple slice and use an apple triangle chunk for the middle of the head. Using peanut butter to "glue" everything on, add almond slivers for ears and an almond for the beak.

Apple lion
Spread peanut butter on an apple slice. Add an apple triangle for the mouth, a raisin for the nose, and cereal pieces around the entire slice for a mane.

Banana Giraffe
Slice off the top of a banana and reposition it for the giraffe head, keeping it in place with a toothpick. Add a mini chocolate chip for the eye, a cashew for the ear, and draw on a mouth using hazelnut spread.