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Life with Baby

7 Things You Can Do with a Baby in a Wrap

Once you've got the hang of using the wrap or carrier, you're ready for these advanced placement moves

Ah, the simple genius of the sling, carrier, or wrap. Suddenly you've got two hands again and a newfound freedom to get up and go! Once you've got the hang of it, here are 7 things to try with your baby in a wrap.   

1. Chow down

Eating while baby-wearing is a great move for parents of young infants. Nothing camouflages cradle cap like a baby whose head is covered in croissant flakes and pieces of powdered donuts!

2. Exercise

Go for a long walk with a mom friend and you’ll get the added benefit of carrying an 18-pound medicine ball!

3. Talk it Up

Worried you can’t have an important conversation with someone while wearing your baby? You can! She’s too small to understand what you’re saying, but hearing all those new words (“contractor,” “liability”) will help her little brain grow.

4. Pee

Using the toilet with another human being strapped to your body sounds like a weird reality show challenge but no, this is an actual thing you will do several times a day that will in no way make you eligible to win a million dollars.

5. Be on the phone with your insurance company

Nothing like resolving that claim from 3 months ago with your tiny bundle of joy flush against your belly! The good news: if your baby starts fussing in the background, the claims agent may give you a break.

6. Vacuum 

There are lots of cleaning activities you can’t do with a baby strapped to you—cleaning the tub, for instance—but vacuuming works. Plus, the white noise may lull your baby to sleep. Now to try and put her down...nope. Never mind.

7. Not wash the dishes

So weird, but doing dishes while wearing the baby is way too hard, unfortunately. Guess someone else will have to do them!

Raquel D'Apice is the creator behind the blog The Ugly Volvo, and author and illustrator of the book Welcome to the Club: 100 parenting milestones you never saw coming.