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Life with Baby

10 Must-Have Apps for Moms

Life's about to get way easier

While you probably have dozens of apps on your phone that you look at all the time (cough, Instagram), the following apps can help you organize the baby photos, figure out what to have for dinner, and save money.


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Best for:  Keeping up with the baby photos 
Notabli stores your images for safe keeping in the cloud, and allows you to share them easily with grandparents and friends. You can also order hardcover books of prints. 
Price: Free. Hardcover books and other photo gifts for an extra cost


Best for:  Organizing the kid art 
Snap a photo of your kid's art, tag the artist if you have multiple kiddos, and even have masterpieces printed in keepsake books if you want a physical reminder that doesn't have macaroni glued to it. 
Price:   $4.99

Eat Sleep

Best for:  Keeping track of feedings 
This simple app helps you keep track of your baby's essential daily info-eating, sleeping, and diaper changes-which can be entered easily with a one-finger tap. 
Price:   Free

Cloud Baby Monitor

Best for:  Watching your baby sleep 
If you have two Apple devices (one for the baby's room, one for you), this app can replace a baby monitor at home-or be an easy fix while traveling. It allows you to see and hear your baby, talk to him, and play a lullaby. 
Price:   $3.99

Best for:  Making dinner 
The free app gives you access to more than 500,000 recipes and lets you organize your meal plan by week or month. The "What's In Your Fridge?" feature builds a dish based on what you have at home. 
Price:   Free

Coupon Sherpa

Best for:  Organizing coupons 
While waiting in line to ring up your items, search for available coupons at hundreds of retailers; the app provides the barcode for easy scanning at checkout. 
Price:   Free

Couch to 5K

Best for:  Getting in shape  
The app gives you the training plan from trainers to get in good-enough shape to run a 5K (3.5 miles). You'll get curated playlists with motivating voiceovers and more. 
Price:   $1.99


Best for:  A daily laugh 
While the practical use of this weather app needs no explanation, the daily quotes, clever backgrounds, and timely updates will give you a chuckle. 
Price:   Free

Mom Maps

Best for:  Finding fun things to do  
MomMaps helps you discover kid-friendly activities whether you're in your neighborhood or on vacation. 
Price:   $2.99


Best for:  Family planning 
While there are hundreds of apps out there that help predict your monthly visitor-Dot, Body, iPeriod Tracker-Kindara makes family planning easy. After recording your cycle date and length, it shows your peak days and helps track fertility indicators like your temperature. 
Cost:   Free