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Having Fun Together

How to Throw a Pirate Birthday Party!

Shiver me timbers! This may be the most swashbucklin' pirate party ever

From a treasure map cake and pirate invitations to-yes-pirate bananas, set sail for your preschooler's big day with these fun pirate birthday party ideas.

Party Invitations

Download these playful pirate party invitations and print at home or at a local print shop. For an extra-creative touch, make the invitations double-sided by printing the (optional) treasure map pattern on the back. You can deliver them flat or rolled up like vintage scroll maps!

Pirate Treasure Map Cake

To make this colorful cake, start with two boxes of the guest of honor's favorite cake flavor, baked in 8" round pans. Once the cakes have cooled, use a serrated knife to level each layer so they will stack evenly. Use two tubs of white icing to frost between the layers and around the outside of the cake to create a smooth base layer. Refrigerate for at least an hour.

Divide two more tubs of frosting into three bowls, then tint each a different shade of blue: light, medium, and dark. Add the blue frosting to the cake, starting with the darkest blue at the bottom, and then working your way up with medium blue and light blue for an ombre effect. Use the end of a frosting spatula to create "waves" on top of the cake.

To decorate, download our pirate ship cake topper (with the "age" sail of your choice), attach it to wooden skewers, and insert it into the cake. Add a "treasure map" in front of the ship using jelly beans, red licorice, rock candy, and gold-wrapped chocolates.

Dress-Like-a-Matey Station

Let your pirates get into character with eye patches, gold necklaces, skull scarves, and costume mustaches. Download our Matey Station signs to display next to the items, and let the picture taking begin!

Caribbean Sea Punch

To make this tasty party punch, combine one gallon of store-bought blue punch, two liters of lemon-lime soda, and a 32-oz container of white grape juice. Serve in a drink dispenser embellished with pirate-y trims like nautical rope, chains, and giant craft jewels. For the finishing touch, download our Caribbean Sea Punch label to hang from the top.

Jolly Roger Ships

Snack time, ahoy! For this clever treat, you'll need oranges, clear punch cups, and blue and red gelatin. Cut the oranges in half and scoop out the fruit. Make red and blue gelatin as directed on the box, then pour the red gelatin into the hollowed-out orange halves and the blue into the punch cups. Refrigerate until firm, then cut the gelatin-filled oranges into slices. Print our treat topper ship sails and attach them to wooden skewers, then insert them into the "ships."

Shark Sandwiches

Cookie cutters turn ordinary strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches into "Shark Sandies," while crushed potato chips make peanut butter and honey "Skulls" extra crunchy. (Download the labels.)

Pirate Bananas

To make these fun "pirate" bananas, tie a bit of scrap fabric around each banana, then use a black marker to hand-draw the faces.

Decorative Letters

Letters are an easy way to personalize the party with themed words or the guest of honor's name. Purchase paper mache letters (widely available at most craft stores), then paint gold and add crafty pirate-inspired elements like sea shells, twine, eye patches, and colorful glass beads (for "treasure").

"X Marks the Spot" Favor Bags

Before the guests sail away, send them off with these easy DIY treasure bags that you can fill with gold-wrapped chocolates, colorful candies, or other pirate-inspired trinkets. Download our 8x10 favor sign to display next to the bags, too!

You'll Need:
⁃ small burlap bags
⁃ red felt
⁃ hot glue gun
⁃ scissors
⁃ black marker

1. Cut felt into small strips and hot glue the strips together to form X's.
2. Hot glue the X's to the front of the favor bags.
3. Use a black marker to draw dashed lines leading from the top of each bag to the X.