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Having Fun Together

7 Easy Number Birthday Cakes

Your kiddo is a year older! Celebrate the big day with these easy age-themed birthday cake ideas

Whether your kid is turning 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, these easy number birthday cake ideas can help ring in the new year ahead. Each one can be made into whatever number you need!


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Vanilla Sprinkle Cake

Cut a number from wax paper and place over the center of a round cake. Top with sprinkles, remove the wax paper number, and voila! (Via Kristine's Kitchen)

Thomas & Friends Cupcake Cake

Chocolate-covered pretzels and black icing are the tracks on this so-easy cupcake cake. (Via Thomas & Friends)

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

After baking a cake in a number-shaped pan, use wafer cookies and black gel icing to create the rails. (Via Blue I Style)

Number-Topped Cake

Let the number take center stage with a sprinkle-covered cake topper. (Via Tikkido)

Chocolate Candy Cake

After frosting a plain cake, use chocolate candies to create a number-shaped pattern.  (Via 17 Apart)

Rainbow Gummy Cake

Line up gummies in a rainbow grid for this easy-but-gorgeous rainbow cake. (Via Darcy Miller)

Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake

Bake a sheet of brightly-colored batter first, and then use a cookie cutter to stamp out the shape of the number you need. When guests dig in—surprise! (Via Hungry Happenings)