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Having Fun Together

No-Sew Apron

Order up this cute no-sew apron and hat for your little food truck chef

This DIY no-sew apron and hat combo is too cute to keep in the kitchen—so whip one up for your little chef and take it on the road.


• Dish cloth
• Ribbon
• Hot Glue
• Scissors
• Felt
• Card Stock
• Tissue paper
• Clear tape
• Washi tape
• Ruler
• Pencil


For the apron:
1. Cut a dish towel in half. Discard one half.
2. Lay the towel at a horizontal angle on table.
3. Fold a piece of felt and cut into a pocket shape.
4. Hot glue the pocket in place on towel.
5. Cut a piece of ribbon to belt length.
6. Hot glue ribbon along top edge of apron.

For the hat:
1. Cut card stock into 2 3-inch wide strips. Set aside.
2. Accordion fold the tissue paper. Set aside.
3. Tape ends of tissue paper to each side of the card stock.
4. Align card stock strips on top of one another.
5.Use washi tape to close up the ends.
6. Create washi tape border (optional)

Crafts with small parts are not for use by children under three.