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Having Fun Together

DIY Pegboard Marble Run

Create an obstacle course for anything that rolls!


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Not only is this activity super easy, your kid can mix and match the final design for hours of fun.

2 paper towel rolls
Toilet paper roll
Pipe cleaners
Construction or craft paper
Empty water bottle
Plastic cup

1. Line the pegboard edges with the tape.
2. Cut the paper towel and toilet paper rolls in half (longways) and then paint each half.
3. Vertically fold two-thirds of the craft paper and then trim. Press to enforce the crease on the larger portion.
4. Cut an opening in the other paper towel roll.
5. Cut the ends off of the water bottle.
6. Cut plastic cup in half. (Optional)
7. Secure the folded paper to the pegboard with pipe cleaners.
8. Repeat with cardboard rolls, water bottle, and the plastic cup at the finishing point. Then let it roll!