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Having Fun Together

How to Make Clay Necklaces

Make one-or a dozen-with this easy and fun DIY project


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Air-dry clay and craft stamps are the starting point for these super-easy and sweet DIY clay necklaces. Make some to keep and some to give as gifts!


Cutting Board
Craft stamps
Rolling pins
Acrylic craft paint
Air-dry clay
Cookie cutters
Drinking straw


1. Use a rolling pin to roll the clay until it's flat.

2. Punch out the clay necklace pendants with cookie cutters.

3. Use stamps to create designs, words, textures, and more on the pendants. Get creative with the patterns-try stamps, a toy wheel...anything!  

4. Use the drinking straw to punch out holes in each pendant.

5. Let dry and harden overnight.

6. Paint pendants and allow them to dry for at least 30 minutes.

7. Thread string through each pendant hole to finish.

8. Show off your creation!