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Having Fun Together

10 Games You Can Play Lying Down

Yes, it's possible to entertain your kids and take a little breather

Whether you're exhausted or just need to park yourself on the couch for a few, these easy and fun activities will let you kick your feet up.

1. Do a scavenger hunt. Sure, you could hide a few things for your kiddo to find before you lie down. But this game also works without advance planning: Give him a few clues and send him off to find specific things, like three green toys or five items that start with the letter S.

2. Play pretend. Choose an occupation for your kiddo to try. Fun ideas: Have him be the doctor and you're the patient, or he's a hairdresser and you're the client.

3. Create a window story. If you're in a room with a window that your kids can reach, give them a set of window markers and tell them a story-they're responsible for illustrating your tale on the glass. No window? You can do the same thing with paper and markers.

4. Guess that memory. Give your child an album of family photos. Have your mini historian choose a picture and give you clues about what the pic is about. It's your job to guess the memory.

5. Guess the mystery item. Lie on the couch with your eyes closed and have your child pick up a toy or small object in the room and set it on your stomach. Your job is to try and guess what each thing is.

6. Play true versus false. Tell your sidekick two different statements. See if she can guess which one is true and which one's not. You can get creative and say things about when your child was small, about you, or even about world events.

7. Be a sleeping giant. Get into a comfortable position on the floor. Tell your kiddo that you're a sleeping giant, and if and if she touches you, they'll awaken the monster. Then give her different moves she has to perform, like hopping over you on one leg.

8. Play character charades. Let your kids raid their dress-up drawer (or even your closet!) and challenge them to dress up as any pretend character or real person they can think of-like a cowboy or Grandma. From your spot on the couch, you have to guess whom they're impersonating.

9. Guess that sound. Download a recording app on your phone. Let your kiddo go around the house recording different sounds, like the water running in the bathroom or him pushing keys on his electronic piano. When he brings back the recording, you have to guess the sound.

10. Try "I Spy," magazine style. Point out items in a magazine that your child needs to find around the house. To make it more challenging, set a timer.