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Having Fun Together

DIY Wrapping Paper

It's easy to create your own wrapping paper that's unique, adorable, and inexpensive


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Forget store-bought gift wrap—this adorable snowman print wrapping paper is easy to DIY and almost too cute to tear into!


• Brown kraft paper
• Tape
• Ink pad (white)
• Lint Roller
• Scissors
• Foam
• Markers (black and orange)


1. Trace three sets of small, medium, and large circles on foam and cut out, along with around 30 small triangles. 
2. Pull off last layer of paper on lint roller and stick on foam pieces in stacked snowman shapes with triangles in between. 
3. Lay out enough brown kraft paper to cover the present, and secure the edges with tape.
4. Roll the lint roller across a white ink pad to thoroughly cover the foam shapes. 
5. Roll stamps across paper and let dry.
6. Once dry, use pens to add hat, features, and accessories.

Crafts with small parts are not suitable for use by children under three.