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Having Fun Together

5 Magical DIY Fairy Houses

These enchanted DIY projects help bring make-believe lands to life

Build one of these sweet DIY fairy houses together and then let their magical world take over.

Milk Carton Fairy House

Go on a scavenger hunt for pebbles, leaves, and sticks, and then glue your bounty to a recycled milk carton. (Via STL Motherhood)

Quick and Easy Fairy House

Doll up a wooden birdhouse (you'll have to buy one, but it makes construction so much easier) with sequins and faux gemstones to create a magical spot fit for a fairy. (Via No Time for Flash Cards)

Fairy House and Garden

Fill a plastic container with dirt, plants, translucent stones-oh, and lots of glitter-to create the perfect plot for your fairy's popsicle-stick abode. (Via Living Well Mom)

Hanging Fairy Houses

Paint toilet paper rolls in a range of colors and then use scrapbook paper to achieve the pointy roof. Add a piece of string and these can be hung up-good thing fairies can fly! (Via Kifli es Levendula)

DIY Bird House Fairy Garden Craft

Add rainbow-colored stickers and patches of moss to create a dreamy play spot for magical characters. The only thing missing? A sprinkle of your child's imagination. (Via Premeditated Leftovers)