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Having Fun Together

DIY Milk Carton Birdhouse

Give the birdies a sweet snack with this fun DIY!


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Your kid will love this craft for her winged friends!

1/2 gallon milk carton
Colored masking tape
Washi tape
3 mini raisin boxes
Twine or rope
Number stickers
Permanent marker
Hot glue gun

1. Cut one raisin box vertically in half and refold into a smaller box.
2. Cover entire milk carton in masking tape. Do the same for one raisin box and the half-size one from step 1.
3. Cut out opening for birdseed that is the width of a raisin box.
4. Frame the house and create windows using colored masking tape.
5. Cut off the front and back a raisin box and cover in tape.
6. Glue raisin boxes to carton to make front steps and handrails.
7. Glue cord to the top back edge of the carton.
8. Fill with birdseed!