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Having Fun Together

15 Best Bathtub Games

Scrub-a-dub-dub, these bathtub games will keep everyone happy while they wash

These fun games for the bathtub will make it a breeze to get your kid clean. Try one tonight! 

1. Painting. Give your toddler a paintbrush and a set of safe-for-the-bath paints and she'll be too distracted to notice you're washing her hair.

2. I spy. "I spy a shampoo bottle" or a bar of soap or a tube of toothpaste. The options are endless, even in the bathroom.

3. Bath puppets. An old washcloth can become a fun puppet for your hands. Add some funny voices and it's off to the races.

4. Counting. Count everything in the room. How many fingers? Wash each one. How many toes? Wash each one. Ears? Nose? What about the different soaps? How many do they see? Everything is a counting game.

5. Basketball. A few light rubber balls and a plastic cup make an easy basketball game.

6. Homemade bath toys. Have your kid play with kitchen utensils like a colander or a slotted spoon. If it's washable, it can go in the tub.

7. Learn the body. Have your child name their body parts as they wash them. Show them that you have shoulders and ears and fingers that need washing, too.

8. Bath toy races. Wind-up bath toys are easy to find, but if your toddler gets bored of them, make it a game. Wind up a few, set them at one end of the tub, and then watch as they veer off course and collide until you have a winner.

9. Shampoo fun. This is perfect for a child with semi-long hair. Put a bit of extra tear-free shampoo on, lather really well, and then make funny punk rock shapes with her hair or try a bubble bath beard.  

10. Sink or float. Gather a number of waterproof household items that are clean and easy to dry and play "sink or float." Have your child guess what each object will do and he'll get a mini science lesson.

11. Old songs, new lyrics. Sing "Old MacDonald had a bath." Or "The toys in the bath." Or "Bathing, bathing in the big bathtub." Your child will love it and can chime in with some of her own silly lyrics.

12. Play "dolls." Toddlers are open to using everything as dolls. Their fingers. Shampoo bottles. Bars of soap. Make a "family" of soap bottles by using travel-sized and regular ones. (Fill new ones with water.)

13. Bath toy baths. Children love to pretend to be the teacher, mom, and other roles, so why not have your kiddo also be a bather? While you wash her, have her give your favorite bath toy or waterproof doll a bath, too.

14. Easter egg hunt. Fill several plastic eggs with water and then allow your tub to fill with so many bubbles your kiddo can't see the eggs when she first gets in. Have her hunt for them and open and refill them.

15. Impressions.
Ask your child to think of things that make noise in the water, to imitate it, and see if you can guess it. Take turns challenging each other with duck quacks, frog ribbits, boat engines, and more.