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Having Fun Together

DIY Fireworks Mini Cakes

These fun 4th of July desserts add extra sparkle to a patriotic celebration


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Red, white, and blue colored mini cakes and candy melt-and-sanding-sugar "fireworks" are the key to creating this fun, festive 4th of July dessert.


For the cakes:
• baking sheet
• parchment paper
• cooking spray
• 3 bowls of boxed white cake mix, prepared according to directions
• red and blue food coloring
• 3” round cookie cutter
• white frosting
• frosting spatula

For the fireworks:
• baking sheet
• wax paper
• white candy melts
• blue and red sanding sugars
• sandwich size Ziplock bag
• glass
• scissors
• rubber ban


For the cakes:
1. Tint one bowl of the cake batter red and one bowl blue.
2. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray, line with parchment, and spray again.
3. Pour each bowl of batter into a prepared baking sheet, bake according to directions, and let cool.
4. Use the 3" cookie cutter to cut circles in each color of cake.
5. Take one circle each of red, white, and blue cake; frost each layer and stack.
6. Set aside.

For the fireworks:
1. Put candy melts in a glass bowl and microwave.
2. Put a sandwich bag into a glass and pour melted candy in; use a rubber band to make a pastry bag and snip off the very edge of one corner to create a small opening.
3. Pipe melted candy into the shape of fireworks onto a baking sheet lined with wax paper.
4. Quickly cover with blue and red sanding sugar.
5. Freeze until firm.
6. Carefully peel the frozen "fireworks" off of the wax paper and insert one or two into each cake.