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Family Matters

12 Signs Your Kid Is a Total Genius

Because of course your kid is smarter than smart-but here's proof!

Oh sure, there will be plenty of years of report cards to come, but for now, rely on these indicators that your child is brilliant. And be proud.

1. Simple: He looks really darn cute in your glasses. Fifty-three "likes" on Facebook cute.

2. Fishes Daddy's ugliest sweater out of the giveaway pile (whoops-how did that get there?) and returns it to the closet.

3. Insists (via temper tantrum) on adding all-spice to the turkey chili-and it's divine.

4. Asks if "the cloud" is like heaven, because that's where your apps go when you run out of memory. Think about that for a minute. Sad? Adorable? Well, smart either way.

5. Inspires Grampy to somehow win the biggest stuffed animal at the carnival every single time.

6. Pronounces the words "it's important" like this: "iths importmant"-which is extremely effective in getting people to pay attention, actually.

7. Gets the baby out of the crib all by herself...oh good God she just got the baby out of the crib!!!

8. Predicts, accurately, that she'll have a bad dream tonight. Hello, 3 a.m., nice to see you again.

9. With super-hero-strength vision, spots every single perfectly-round pebble as you rush, late, to wherever you're going.

10. Always (always) notices when you say a naughty word under your breath. And then always (always) remembers to tell Grandma.

11. Waiting in line, makes mean people be less mean.

12. Looks you in the eye, smiles a drooly grin, and instantly erases any memory of the pain of childbirth. Poof. Gone like that.

Lauren Smith Brody is a writer, consultant, and founder of The Fifth Trimester. She is also the author of the upcoming book The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby (Doubleday, April 2017).