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Early Child Development

11 Truths About One-Year-Olds

They're always on the move, growing like weeds, and kind of fearless

You've made it through newborn stage, you're starting to get some sleep, and then-BAM-that little tiny human is starting to be a real walking and talking personality. While all kids are different, here are 11 truths we've found to be true about one-year-olds.

1. If it fits in their mouths, they will put it in there. And even if it doesn't, they will still attempt to eat it. (So, be vigilant on the choking hazard front.) Toys, books, paper, iPhones, fingers, toes, pillows, remotes, shirts, shoulders, doorknobs, a cat's tail, shoes, carseat buckles, stroller wheels, and air conditioner vents. Last on the list? Actual food.

2. Their clothes may last three weeks at best. You just bought size 12-18 months clothes thinking they would last you at least three months...and three weeks later they look like capris and crop tops. Buy big. 

3. They demand entertainment during diaper changing. A clean diaper on mama's head while you grab a wipe? The Itsy Bitsy Spider sung opera style? Blowing spit bubbles while you remove little hands from the dirty diaper? You will become a master performance artist.

4. They can be super finicky about food. One day they love sweet potatoes and the next they spit it out like poison. Cubed avocados may be delicious but if you mash them up-forget it. In other parts of the world, we hear that throwing food on the floor is a compliment.

5. They won't stop moving. Like ever. Are they training for a baby 5K?

6. The only thing to fear is a fearless 1-year-old. After all, they have 12 months of experience under their belt, so why not try to scale the dishwasher, dive head first off of the couch onto a pile of blocks, and arm hang off the stroller handle?

7. Pointing and grunting are still acceptable. Words are limited at this stage, but pointing and grunting are not. And they won't give up until you've brought them over to the light switch for the 47th time that day. It's actually kinda cute.

8. This is when the tantrums begin. You're not quite there yet with the full-blown toddler tantrums, but you can see little glimmers of what's to come at age two-and they may be a little frightening.

9. They wonder, 'Who's that beautiful baby?' 'Oh, it's me!' Laughing, smiling, waving, and practicing their baby blue steel in the mirror is their favorite pastime. They could stare at themselves all day!

10. Gigglefests are the best.  Who knew mom and dad were comedians!? Tickling will quickly become your favorite activity just so you can hear those sweet, infectious giggles.

11. They've got so much love to give. It doesn't matter what kind of day you've had because when you walk in the room and they scurry over to you, look up, raise their arms, and smile, your heart will explode a million times over.