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Early Child Development

11 Moods Only Toddlers Have

The good news: It's all normal. More good news: Now you have a word for it

When your child was a baby, emotions usually came in three flavors: happy, hungry, and tired. Toddlers, though? The world is theirs to explore and conquer, and man, they sometimes have complicated feelings about that! See if you recognize any of these moods in today's emotional roller-coaster.

1. Bangry: Being so mad that she slams her banana on the table.

2. Bangrier: Being madder because, ugh, now it's smushed.

3. Gympatient: The need to get to tumbling class right.this.minute because it's way too hard to wait.

4. Crankstipated: The leg-kicking state of sitting on the potty for the third time today with nothing happening down there.

5. De-railed: The state of trying to throw one's leg up and over the crib rail and escape, only to land back in bed on her tush.

6. Gatred: When the dog can squeeze through the pet door in the child safety gate but she...just...can't.

7. Filibusted: When he knows Mommy really means it: She's not coming back into his bedroom to tuck him in for the fourteenth time tonight.

8. Yellow with envy: The extra special kind of jealous she gets when big brother climbs up the magical stairs to the magical yellow bus to go to the magical place called "school" while she has to go back to unmagic home.

9. Vindignant: When he feels simultaneously vindicated and indignant because, just as his taste buds suspected, his eyes have confirmed that Daddy did indeed grind up carrots in the chicken meatballs.

10. Futensile: The conviction that it is so, so, so silly to use a fork when fingers work just fine.

11. Suffocuddly: When she wants to hug the family pet so very much, regardless of its need to breathe oxygen.

Lauren Smith Brody is a writer, consultant, and founder of The Fifth Trimester. She is also the author of the upcoming book The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby (Doubleday, April 2017).