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All About Pregnancy

7 Gorgeous Week-by-Week Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Adorable ways to track your pregnancy and prove that, yes, you did indeed grow a human

It may not seem like it in the beginning (thanks, first trimester morning sickness!), but you’re going to want to remember all the amazing changes your body went through during pregnancy. Not convinced? Take a peek at these so-pretty weekly pregnancy photo ideas that are super-easy to do.

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1. Weekly Banner

Any DIY devotee will love this glittery banner that displays how far along you are in your pregnancy. The only question: Will you need a Week 41? (Via The Massey Spot)

2. Sibling Cameo

Get the future big brother or sister excited about the baby with weekly guest appearances at your photo shoot sessions. Bonus: You’ll also get to see how much your older kid changes over the next nine months. (Via Mom Tog)

3. Creative Countdown

This tee guarantees you’ll never need to stress over what to wear to document your bump. All you need is a shirt, fabric paint, and stencils. (Via Put a Bird On It)

4. Filtered Photo

Add a colored filter on top of each photo and you’ll not only show the growth of your belly but also set the mood for that week. (Via Jen Loves Kev)

5. Chalkboard Tracker

Stand next to some old-school slate and write down how far along you are, what you’re craving, and other fun facts about your pregnancy. (Via Garvin and Co.)

6. Silhouette Shot

To pull off this classic pose, position yourself in front of a window that’s backlit. So pretty! (Via Madi Loves Kiwi)

7. Above Angle

Skip the side profile pics to snap a shot of your ever-growing bump from the top. It’ll give you a fresh perspective on your pregnancy—and a record of when your feet disappeared from the frame. (Via From Where I Stand)