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All About Pregnancy

Your Pre-Baby Bucket List: 11 Fun Ideas

Congrats—you’ve crossed “get pregnant” off your list of life goals. Here are some new ones to add

By now, you’re already deep in to-dos, what with getting the nursery ready, hospital packing lists, and—oh, right—deciding on a baby name! Before you dismiss the notion of yet another checklist, consider this: “Nothing could be more important than what to do in your last few months before two become three,” says Nancy Redd, author of the forthcoming Pregnancy, OMG! and mom of two. With that in mind, here are 11 pregnancy goals to achieve before D-Day.

1. Wear white

Whether tees or jeans, rock the color with abandon while you still can. White seems to have a magnetic pull for baby spit-up, pee, and mystery baby schmears—and it’s a good bet you’ll probably avoid it for the foreseeable future.

2. Take pregnancy photos

Commemorate those curves! Whether it's a selfie or a snap by your partner or a friend, capture this baby-growing moment. You can even recreate a photo of you and your partner from your wedding or dating days, suggests Redd. “Then juxtapose the pictures. Your future kids will love it and so will you.”

3. Enjoy walking barefoot 

Do it while your floors aren't covered with cereal or toys. Seriously, they’ll be everywhere.

4. Nap when you’re tired

Guess what happens when you’re a mom and you're exhausted? Umm, not much. So now, while you can, head straight back to bed or lie on the couch and watch TV. This time next year, that will sound like a vacation.

5. Meet your girlfriends for dinner

It’s not that a Girls Night Out gets cancelled the instant your baby arrives. But getting together becomes far trickier, and the challenge grows with each additional friend who becomes a mom.

6. Go on a babymoon (or baby staycation)

This is your last hurrah for a while, so soak up every relaxing moment. Do the things you love, even if you can't board a plane to get to your destination. (And if you can, just clear the travel with your doctor first.)

7. Pamper yourself

Don’t stop with a massage (though it can do wonders for back pain, swelling, and mood). Get a pedicure. Or whip up a skin mask from scratch. Just get the green light from your doctor about what beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy, and relax like a boss.

8. Look at your knees

You're going to lose sight of them pretty soon.  

9. See a movie

There’s a reason so many parents recommend it to their expectant friends. Sitting in a dark movie theater with a tub of buttery popcorn is like secluding yourself in a made-for-two bubble. Plus, once you have to pay for a sitter, you won't want to go out to a movie when you could watch one at home!

10. Do something spontaneous

It doesn't even have to be crazy: Pop into a cute store, just because. Call a friend when she texts you. Parenthood requires the time management skills of a ninja CEO, so relish your ability to go anywhere without simultaneously having to feed, entertain, and wrangle a tiny person.

11. Cross off previous bucket lists items

Did you have #puppy goals? Or dream of traveling the world before 30? You're on a new adventure now and it's important to take some time off to enjoy it!