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All About Pregnancy

My Surprising Babymoon

Hint: It wasn't about romance

My best friend Layna and I have been in very different chapters of our lives for a long time: She got married way before me, was pregnant with her first kid soon after, and she kept the Midwest as her permanent home while I left for the big city. Our life milestones haven’t matched up since college.

So when I called her with the news that I was pregnant with my first, my jaw dropped when she asked, “Well, how do you feel about your baby having a friend born two weeks later?”

We were both pregnant?! At the same time?! Double joy!! I knew right away that we had to find a special way to share this alignment of the stars. This would be her third kid—a bit of a surprise for her family—and we were way overdue to get together anyway. I suggested we meet for a weekend getaway (with a pool and spa!) halfway between us for what I dubbed a “BFF Babymoon.”

And while I still stole away for some indulgent time with my husband, I loved my trip with Layna because I got to welcome this turning point in my life in a completely different way. Instead of a romantic last hurrah, it was special because I was able to celebrate this huge life change with someone who was going through the same thing! Here's what I loved most about babymooning with another pregnant lady:

Your babymoon companion is in the same boat as you. This was the best! It’s not that I feel guilty with my husband when I need to pee five times in the night. And I know it’s not my fault that I now wander around looking for my phone while holding it in my hand. It’s just that I felt more at peace about it all, knowing that Layna understood my every move.

You can talk about babies and parenting nonstop. A babymoon with another pregnant friend meant endless chatter about the nuances of impending parenthood—from bathtub drama and sleepless nights to what brand of baby lotion she prefers. It was awesome.

You get to escape. Nothing beats a girls’ trip. As a mom of soon-to-be three, Layna loved that she didn’t have to worry about anyone else. “Even when we go on vacation, I’m still the one making sure everyone has what they need,” she told me.

Strangers don’t offer unsolicited advice. My husband and I have received countless smirks and “You just wait…” comments about how hard our lives are about to be. Meanwhile, two pregnant ladies hanging out together? Strangers seemed to regard us as competent adults who clearly know what's about to happen.

And we kind of felt like celebrities. I’ve never understood why pregnancy is often described as glamorous, but people were excited to see Layna and me together. Everyone wanted to know more about us; perhaps they were inspired that a couple of pregnant girls had carved out time for themselves and their friendship.