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Laptop Learning

The Smart Screen Laptop is a fun, familiar way to expose your baby to numbers, shapes, colors, the alphabet, and first words. Here are some ways you and your baby can play together with this toy.


Watch Them Learn

Watch how comfortable babies are pressing the computer keys, opening and closing the lid, and moving along to the music and songs. They're learning about opposites as they open and close the toy. "Can you open it? Now let's see you close it up!"

Encourage early role play

Ask your baby to press a key on the laptop to see what comes up on the screen. Your baby is already beginning to mimic you!

Make Comparisons

Help draw comparisons for your baby to your life at home. "Remember when Mommy uses the computer and listens to music? Mommy's computer plays music, yours does too!"

Observing and exploring

Keep in mind that babies start by observing and exploring things using all their senses. As they grow, they further understand how the world operates by mimicking your behavior and actions. At 1 and 2, their imaginations are beginning to develop and they engage in early role play scenarios.

Laugh & learn every day

Take a new concept introduced by this toy and relate it to something in baby's everyday life. There are lots of ways you can boost everyday learning during your regular routine at home. For example, you could:

Talk about shapes and colors throughout your house—like pointing out baby's round, red bowl or the rectangular shape of baby's blankie.

Count crackers or peas on baby's plate, or count baby's fingers as you wipe them.

Reinforce the idea of opposites or first words by saying them as you go through your day. "The light is on. Let's turn the light off."