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Having Fun Together

How to Throw an On-the-Farm First Birthday Party!

Make your baby’s first birthday party farm-tastic with these cute, easy ideas

From an adorable baby chick smash cake to the almost-too-cute-to-eat piggy biscuits, these easy farm birthday party ideas will give you everything you need to celebrate your baby’s big day!

Farm Party Invitations

Download these colourful farm first birthday invitations and print at home or at a local print shop. There’s an optional hay bale pattern on the back.

Barn and Hay Bale Cake

To make this sweet, hay-bale topped “barn” cake, start with two boxes of cake mix and four tubs of frosting. Bake the cakes in 8” round pans, then frost between the layers and stack them. Apply a base “crumb coat” coat of frosting to the outside of the cakes and refrigerate for an hour. Tint one tub of frosting red and apply it to the cake as the top coat.

To make the hay bale, take one store-bought pound cake and trim it to about 6” wide. Tint one tub of frosting yellow, and pipe streaks of yellow “hay” onto the pound cake. Refrigerate for half an hour.

To make the barn doors, use white frosting to pipe a “barn door” pattern onto two graham cracker sheets. Refrigerate for 15 minutes. Set the frosted “hay bale” on top of the red cake, and use a dab of frosting to stick the graham cracker barn doors to the front and back. Sprinkle crushed graham crackers around the base of the cake and the hay bale for the finishing touch.

Baby Chick Smash Cake

This pint-sized cake is especially for the guest of honor! Start with one box of cake mix and divide the batter into thirds. Bake in 6” cake pans to create three layers. When cool, use a serrated knife to level each layer, so they’ll stack evenly after you frost between the layers. Use a knife to round the edges of the top layer into a dome shape. Apply a base crumb coat of frosting to the outside of the stacked cakes and refrigerate for half an hour.

Add a top layer of frosting to the cake, then sprinkle with finely shredded coconut to create a “feather” texture. Use blueberries cut in half for the eyes, and cut a soft-boiled carrot into small shapes for the chick’s beak, feet, and head “comb.”

Farm Animal Centerpieces

Mason jars, felt and craft paint are all you need to create these sweet jars. Use them as table centerpieces or clever holders for utensils, napkins, and straws.

Paint mason jars with two coats of coloured craft paint, using pink for a pig, yellow for a chick, and black and white for a cow. Paint the mason jar lids separately, in a contrast colour. Cut felt into simple shapes for the face and ears, then hot glue them to the jars. Use a paint brush or pencil eraser and craft paint to add the eyes and nose.

Farmhouse Carafes

Tie bandana squares around the necks of simple carafes for a charming way to serve “farm fresh” juices and milk!

Little Piggy Biscuits

Refrigerated biscuit dough is the trick to these cute and easy biscuits. Serve them as a side-dish or use them to make piggy-shaped sandwiches! Here’s what you’ll need:

-refrigerated biscuit dough (one tube of 8 biscuits will yield 6 piggy biscuits)
-small circle cookie cutter or lid
-bamboo skewer

1. Open a biscuit dough container and separate the biscuits. You’ll need one “extra” biscuit to create the face elements for every three piggy biscuits.
2. Use a small circle cookie cutter or round lid to cut small circles from the extra biscuits for the pig “noses.”
3. Cut extra pieces of dough into small triangles for the ears.
4. Add the ears and noses to the biscuits, then use the flat side of a bamboo skewer to make impressions in the dough for the eyes and nostrils.
5. Bake as directed.
6. When the biscuits are cool, lightly push the noses down. Use the bamboo skewer to accentuate the nostril and eye impressions.
7. Roll small bits of raisins into balls for the eyes.

Barn Door Favor Bags

Use white craft paint to add barn door lines to red favor bags, then fill them with your favorite treats!

For more farm birthday party fun, try chocolate-covered strawberry "carrots" or a barnyard backdrop. You can also put a special unwrapped farm toy on display to add to the decor. We love the Little People Caring for Animals Farm, of course!