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Family Matters

10 Things Your Kid Is Thinking When You Say "No"

Ever wonder what goes through your kid's mind sometimes? Here's your answer

There you are making breakfast, walking the dog, brushing your teeth, when you receive a request from your kid. How sweet, you think, he's asking so nicely. But the answer is....no. And then despite your clear response, there seems to be some confusion. Here, what your kid's thinking when you say no.

1. Yes. Obviously yes.

2. Or at least maybe. 

3. I don't think she meant that. No worries. I’ll just wait here and hold onto her jeans with my mysteriously sticky hands.

4. Time to ask for something else—Dog? Ferret?—and bargain our way back down to yes on the carnival goldfish.

5. I love Opposite Day! It's so funny when they say the exact opposite of what they mean.

6. I will ask again later. Mom seems busy right now. 

7. I'm sure she doesn't mean that. She loves me so much!

8. Know? Know what?  

9. I should go ask Dad.   

10. Hey Grandma, can I ask you something?

Lauren Smith Brody is the founder of The Fifth Trimester, which helps businesses improve workplace culture for new parents. She is also the author ofThe Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby