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All About Pregnancy

10 Spring Baby Names We Love

In your final stretch? Consider these baby names that celebrate the season

Expecting a springtime baby? Celebrate the season by giving your baby a spring-inspired baby name. Here are 10 of our faves:

1. April. A classic month name (see also: May and June), April peaked in popularity in 1981, topping out at 25 on the Social Security Administration's list of the most popular baby names. Today it hovers somewhere at 403-solid, but not common.

2. Rain. This unisex water-themed name is a great nod to the season-and has alternate spellings such as Rayne or the more regal Raina.  

3. Aviva. The Hebrew word for spring is a strong A-letter girl name (Aviv is the gender-neutral version) and is relatively uncommon-it hasn't broken the top 1000 on the SSA list.

4. Daisy. A cute, floral name for a girl, Daisy also has some granny-name status; the name has climbed in popularity from a 418 SSA ranking twenty years ago to 183 today. Other spring floral names to consider: Iris, Azalea, and Lily.

5. Poppy. Another flower name that has been a celeb favorite recently, Poppy is more popular in the UK than it is here, according to Nameberry.  

6. Leif. A nature-themed boy name that peaked in popularity in 1980, it's a Scandinavian name that surprisingly means "heir."

7. Wren. More modern than the classic unisex bird name Robin (which has dropped since its 1980s peak on the SSA list), Wren has been climbing the charts in the past few years.

8. Neville. This name means "new village" in French, which is perfect for the spring when everything blooms and feels new again.

9. Pascal. Less trendy than "Paxton," Pascal means Easter in French, making it a great option for April spring boys.  

10. Buzz. Remind yourself of the seasonal "buzz" in the air by naming your son with this preppy-but-cute name that started out as a nickname, but is now a name in its own right.