Puppy Play

With songs and games that are familiar and fun to sing along to, the Smart Stages™ Puppy is a great friend to enjoy together. Try these play ideas.


Explore and discover

Explore the different features of the toy. Place your baby in your lap and hold the Puppy in front. Try out each activity, exploring the different phrases, games and songs. Then you can go back and play them again!

Learn about parts of the body

Point out Puppy’s hand, then baby’s hand, and move to another body part. Soon your baby will be able to point to them all! Remember to tell your baby how the puppy feels when you touch him. His ears are so silky, and he is soft and cuddly!

Baby games

Hold baby’s hands in yours and clap them together as your recite “Pat-a-cake.” Demonstrate other favorite games for baby, like "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" or "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." See how easy it is to do the actions in the song. Just go slowly so baby can join in.

laugh & Learn every day

When does your baby learn? Every day! And you can reinforce the learning in so many ways.

From playtime to bathtime, help baby understand what’s happening. For example, touch a clean washcloth to baby’s nose, mouth, chin, etc., and name each one as you go.

Watch your baby’s reactions when you’re on a walk. Name things that seem to be of special interest. “Puppy. That’s a little puppy!”

Enhance color recognition by pointing out colors on the Puppy or other toys, saying the color name and finding colors that match from baby’s environment.