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5 Pizza Recipes to Make With the Kids

Before ordering take-out, consider these easy and fun pizza recipe ideas the kids will love


Give pizza night a new spin with these easy and creative pizza recipe ideas that you and the kids can make together.

Funny-Face Pizzas

Use an English muffin as a base, and then allow your sous-chefs to get creative. (Via Tone and Tighten)

Deep Dish Pizza Cupcakes

Cook crescent roll dough, cheese, sauce, and toppings like pepperoni, sausage, or peppers in a muffin pan to turn a typical slice into a handheld lunch or dinner. (Via Plain Chicken)

Rainbow Pizza

Layer diced vegetables into a ROYGBIV theme on a (no one needs to know!) cauliflower-based crust. Kids will have fun adding toppings in a bright pattern, and it might even inspire them to try a new veggie! (Via Gimme Delicious)

Breakfast Pizza

Who says pizza isn't a morning food for kids? Top pizza dough with cooked eggs, bacon and cheese and it's a new spin on breakfast. (Via Lil' Luna)

Cast-Iron Pan Pizza

Get wood fire flavor without a grill by cooking dough in a skillet and then letting kids add the toppings they choose. The only thing better than the ooey gooey cheese is that this recipe takes less than 15 minutes to make. (Via The Mom 100)