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Having Fun Together

6 Rainy Day Crafts for Kids

Keep kids entertained indoors with these easy and fun DIY projects


Gloomy weather doesn't have to be a cause for cabin fever with these crafts for kids you can make-and then play with-together.

1. Alphabet Train

This sweet cutout train does double duty as a colorful wall decor for your preschooler's room that also helps her practice her ABC's. (Via Thriving Home)

2. Cardboard Road

After a cardboard box becomes an open road for toy car play, your urban planner can focus on designing the houses, trees, and buildings that surround it. (Via Non-Toy Gifts)

3. Chalkboard City Blocks

Take building blocks up a notch by making your own with wood cut into different sizes (which you can do at home or get done at a home supply store). Once you've sanded the sharp edges, kids can help apply the chalkboard paint for a town they can change up as they play. (Via Hellobee)

4. Interlocking Cardboard Castle

Cardboard and colorful duct tape create this magical castle that will provide tons of time for princess adventures and knight jousting. (Via Mer Mag)

5. Puppet Theater

Making this cardboard stage and wooden-spoon characters is no drama at all-in fact it's half the fun, which leaves the afternoon free for a nice time at the theater. (Via Crafting Connections)

6. Paper Plane Landing Strip

Get more mileage from paper airplanes with a simple masking tape landing strip. Big kids can add up their points-and yours. (Via Meaningful Mama)