Learning Fun at the Table

Step up the learning fun with Puppy & Friends Learning Table! Try these ideas when you play together.


Explore & Discover

Explore all four light-up activity corners and discover different features of the table. Try introducing one concept at a time—first identify the piano, book, computer, and phone, then talk about the different colors that you see, then the different shapes, then numbers.

Develop language skills

Boost developing language skills by flipping the book pages and repeating the words. Talk about the characters—Puppy, Sis, Monkey and Froggy. Sing along to the different songs, or make up your own songs to familiar tunes. Try a few Spanish words, too.

Encourage interaction & early pretend play

Have a conversation using the play phone as a prop. "Who would you like to call on the phone? Let's play the piano. Now it's computer time!"

laugh & Learn every day

You can support your baby's early learning and development through everyday interactions and activities.

Reinforce the concept of numbers and counting by making up short songs to familiar tunes, like this one. You can sing it to "Skip to My Lou."

Counting birdies in the tree, 1, 2, 3 birdies in the tree

Three little birds went tweet, tweet, tweet,

Come along and count with me, 1, 2, 3, whee!

Foster growing vocabulary by reading along and asking questions as your child begins to point out objects in books. "That's the monkey. He's swinging in a tree."

Introduce opposites. "Let's open the refrigerator to get some milk. Now, let's close it."

Talk about the different shapes you see inside or outside of your home. "That book is a square. Let's find the block that's a circle."