Learning All Around

The Crawl Around™ Car puts baby in the driver's seat with a fun-filled learning vehicle just their size. Here are some ways to begin the play:


Encourage exploration and discovery

As baby interacts with the different play features for the first time, show excitement and reinforcement as you label the different objects on the car."You found the horn! That's a key. Let's see what it does."

Use word descriptors

It helps your child understand meaning and fosters developing language skills. "This is a BIG blue car. Let's find the green shape and put it into the door."

Show how to open and close the door

Baby will learn about opposites while opening and closing it ... "Can you open the door? Now let's see you close it!"

Encourage early role play

Ask your child to turn on the car to go for a ride ... "Where should we go today?"

laugh & Learn every day

When does your baby learn? Every day! And you can reinforce the learning in so many ways.

Introduce opposites. Roll a ball fast, then roll it slowly, talking about actions and opposites.

Baby games. Play Hide-and-Seek with the shapes—helping your child learn that things can disappear, then reappear.

Help draw comparisons for your baby in your everyday life."Remember when mommy drives you in the car? Our car is white, this car is pink. Turn the key to start the car. What sounds does a car make? Vrooom!"