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Having Fun Together

How to Make a DIY Doll Bed

This super-sweet DIY doll bed starts with a shoebox!

With just a few materials you probably already have lying around the house, you and your kiddo can make this easy DIY doll bed together.  


Masking tape (several colors) 
Small hand towel or washcloth 
1 baby sock 
Glue dots 
Cotton balls  


1. Draw a 1-inch border around the bottom of the shoebox. 

2. For the legs, draw a 1-inch border on each short side. 

3. Cut out to create the bed. 

4. Trace the plate to create the curved headboard and footboard and cut it out. 

5. Cover the headboard and the footboard with colored masking tape. 

6. Decorate with tape and stickers. 

7. Attach headboard and footboard with glue dots and secure with tape. 

8. Make a pillow by stuffing the cotton balls into the sock.  

9. Put the stuffed animals to bed!