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Having Fun Together

Gingerbread Houses: 7 Sweet New Ideas

These easy-to-make gingerbread houses do double duty as decor-and dessert!

Rustic Log Cabin 

A batch of homemade caramel works like cement to glue the pretzels onto this sturdy structure, a perfect task for little hands. (Via Vikalinka)

Tiny Houses

Bake a batch of gingerbread, and then add a dusting of sparkly, edible glitter to make it look like the house is coated in snow. Serve perched on a mug of hot chocolate or cider. (Via Juliette Laura)

Christmas House

Use peppermint candies as shingles and red and green gumdrops as landscaping for this Dr. Seuss-esque dwelling. (Via Recipes Food and Cooking)

Graham Cracker House

Swap gingerbread for graham crackers, and use the time saved to decorate the prefab pieces with white-chocolate candies, holiday-themed sprinkles, and peppermint sticks. (Via One Charming Party)

Gluten-Free Gingerbread House

Gluten-free flour, dairy-free milk, molasses, cloves are the main stars of this food-allergy friendly gingerbread dough. (Via Petite Allergy Treats)

Candy Gingerbread House

Ice details, like windows, doorknobs and icicles and then use leftover gingerbread dough to make tasty extras, like people and trees. (Via Spice in the City)

Snow-Covered House

Cut the brown sugar and cinnamon based dough with a pizza cutter to create your house style, then layer gingerbread disks on the roof or create an icing pattern to add the finishing touches. (Via Tikkido)