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All About Pregnancy

12 Fun Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

Sharing your pregnancy news calls for an extra special touch

If you were alone in the bathroom (or doctor's office) when your pregnancy was confirmed, you've got a fun task ahead of you: figuring out just how to share the exciting news with your partner! Of course, you can always just blurt it out, but for that extra "wow" factor, try one of these fun ideas.

Hide a baby outfit

And by "hide," we mean put it front and center in your partner's sock drawer. Otherwise, this reveal might take weeks.

Get punny

Stick a bun in the oven and then tell your partner to go see what’s in the oven. LOL!

Fake a fever

Pretend to take your temperature in the bathroom and instead get out your positive pregnancy test. Come out and ask your partner to read the “thermometer” for you. It may take a few seconds for the realization to set in!

Hand over a ring box

Place a pacifier inside the box and then see how long it takes to guess the gift.

Dress up your pet

Decorate a kid's t-shirt to say "Big Sister" or "Big Brother" and slip it on your furry family member.

Put together a parent-to-be gift box

Fill a box with everything your partner needs to start prepping, from a T-shirt announcing their parent-to-be status to helpful books to a pacifier.

Snap a shot

Set your camera up to do a timed photo or ask a friend to take a pic of you and your partner. Just before the pic is taken, shout “I’m pregnant!” and the moment will be immortalized.

Bottle up some morning Joe

Bring your partner a cup of coffee—and serve milk on the side, in a baby bottle. What a way to start the day!

Ask your partner to solve a problem

Ask your partner to check your math: 1 + 1 = 3.  

Hang a rattle on the Christmas tree

True, this only works in December. But the visual will remain forever.

Raise a glass

Give a toast (even if it's just the two of you!) that talks about how great your partner is—and what a great parent they'll be!

Personalize a plate

Grab a permanent marker and write “We’re expecting” on the dish, then serve up spaghetti. When the meal is done, your message will be revealed.