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All About Pregnancy

10 Trending Baby Names

These so-cool names are quietly climbing the charts

They’re hip, they’re happening, and they’ll be appearing in your social feeds soon. If you want to find a cool name for your baby that isn't super-popular yet, try these trending names that are quietly moving upward.


A Latin name, Atticus has serious literary cred, thanks to Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird. The Social Security Administration (SSA) ranks it at 360 of the 1,000 most popular baby names in 2016.


Feminine and pretty, Harlow means “army,” so it’s tough, too—and perfect for your little girl. And at number 420 on the SSA list, it’s popular but still unusual.


Not to be mistaken with the crowd-pleasing Aidan, Alden is unique without being too hard to pronounce or spell. It means “old, wise friend,” which is exactly what you want your kid to grow up to be.


Zelda, a diminutive of the German name Griselda, has a vintage feel. Yet it cracked the SSA list for the first time in decades in 2015, coming in at an impressive No. 647.


Clyde was a popular name in the 1930s (think Bonnie and Clyde) but its origins date back to the Celts who lived by the River Clyde in Scotland. No wonder it flows!


Smart and delicious, Sage brings to mind wisdom and health—and is good for boys or girls (though it’s more popular as a girl’s name).


It hasn’t hit the top 1,000 names yet, but Zen’s popularity on Nameberry is rocketing up the list for girls and climbing for boys. Its peaceful Japanese vibe won’t guarantee a calm baby, but it can’t hurt.


Otto is an old-school German name that means “wealthy,” and it’s been making a steady comeback since 2011. It’s now ranked 527 in the SSA’s list.


What a gem of a name Pearl is. It’s a favorite among some celebrities—as both a first and middle moniker—thanks to its effortless cool.


This jazzy name, of Persian origin, continues to climb in popularity—it came in at 209 in 2016. It means “bringer of treasure.” Isn’t that exactly what your baby is?