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All About Pregnancy

Gender Reveal Ideas: 10 Fun Ways to Share the News

These sweet gender reveal ideas make finding out the news even more fun

If waiting until your baby’s birth day to find out the boy-or-girl news seems next to impossible, but simply asking the ultrasound technician seems too, well, clinical, then consider a fun alternative: a surprise gender reveal. Just ask your ultrasound tech to write your baby’s sex on a slip of paper and seal it in an envelope; then give it to someone else—the local baker, your BFF—and make one of these easy gender reveal ideas your own.

1. Cake. Old-school but adorable, gender reveal cakes are a truly sweet way to share the news. Take your envelope to a bakery and ask them to frost the inside layer of your cake blue if it’s a boy, or pink if it’s a girl. Then, just cut into the cake for the tasty surprise.

2. Balloons. For a gender reveal on the lighter side, take your envelope to a party store and ask to have a plain box filled with either pink or blue helium balloons. When the box is opened, voila! The balloons—and their color-coded meaning—will float right out.

3. Confetti. Another easy party store idea: Have a big, opaque black balloon filled with pink or blue confetti and then give it a pop—or, ask a crafty friend to make DIY confetti cannons and celebrate whatever the sprinkles reveal.

4. Piñata. A party store (or a friend) can also fill a store-bought piñata with either blue or pink candies and trinkets. Give it a good whack (or two, or three…) and let the surprise spill out. 

5. Candy. A simpler way to get your surprise and satisfy your sweet tooth: Simply ask a friend to go to a candy store and fill a white box with jelly beans in shades of blue or pink. Then open the box...and spill the beans!

6. Scavenger Hunt. Ask a friend to hide the envelope somewhere obscure (but not too obscure!) and create a series of clues that lead to the hidden treasure. Your prize: The big news.

7. Scratch-Off Cards. Ask a crafty friend to make scratch-off gender reveal cards (you can find plenty of DIYs online). Unlike the lottery, you’ll be a winner either way!

8. Exploding Baseballs. Head outside with a few colored powder–filled baseballs (you can find them online). Have a baseball bat at the ready, toss the ball and boom! The parents-to-be will be showered with the news in powdered form.

9. Baby Shoes. A photo featuring a tiny pair of shoes isn't just a cute way to announce your pregnancy; it's also an adorable way to share the news of your baby's sex. Just buy a pair of sneakers—or any cute little pair of shoes—in pink or blue.

10. Party. Can’t decide on just one of these ideas—or want to share the surprise with your nearest and dearest? Throw a gender reveal party. Pick a fun theme (search online for ideas), serve a variety of pink and blue treats, play games and ask guests to place bets. At the end of the party, share the news and celebrate together.