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Learning Apps

See the Smart Cycle™ apps in action:

Keep pedaling! Use these apps with Smart Cycle®.

Smart Cycle hardware required for game play.

Smart Cycle Magical Ride Through Barbie Dreamtopia

Take a magical ride through Barbie Dreamtopia™ on a rainbow rollercoaster! In Rainbow Cove you’ll help Chelsea and Honey solve creative challenges for Prince Notto, play fun activities with Barbie, and compose some beautiful music!

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Smart Cycle Hot Wheels® City Speed Challenge

You may recognize the orange track. It’s classic Hot Wheels® and you get to speed around it as you explore Hot Wheels® City! Race as Shark Bite™, Chicane®, Bone Speeder™ or Dragon Blaster™ and play exciting games along the way!

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Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City

Get ready to cruise through Seaside Village and traverse Mountain Forest as you help your new robot friend find his way back to Tech City! App teaches key literacy themes like letters, phonics, spelling, reading, rhyming and more and naturally levels up as your child learns.

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Smart Cycle SpongeBob Deep Sea Exploration

A jellyfish bloom has drifted into Bikini Bottom and everything is covered in jelly! Play as SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick or Squidward to sort nuts, make Krabby Patties and work your way through a maze to deliver them – all on your quest to save the jellyfish!

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Smart Cycle Shimmer & Shine Math Magic Race

Today’s the day Zaharmay Falls has been waiting for: it’s the Math Magic Championship race! Fly through the clouds as Shimmer, Shine, Zeta or Leah to earn gems that transform their magic carpets. Talk about a genie joyride!

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Smart Cycle Blaze & the Monster Machines Speed into STEM

Picture this … you’re Blaze, exploring the Badlands with the Monster Machines. Then you’re zipping around Axle City … and hey! There’s Crusher, Starla and more buddies waiting for you, ready to work on STEM skills, too!

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Think & Learn Apps

Bring Code-a-pillar™ and Chameleon to life!

Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar App

Help Code-a-Pillar map out a path to get out of the maze or count how many leaves you feed him to fuel up for his next adventure. Code-a-Pillar will play in all kinds of ways wherever you take him—he’s ready for adventure.

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Think & Learn Chameleon App

Chameleon’s ready to count, color and play all day. Help him catch bugs to eat with his sticky tongue. Or help him match or mix colors to blend in with his mini-me sidekick!

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