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starting with stories

It could be a classic, familiar tale. Or an all-new adventure with heroes and villains, comedy and drama. You’ve seen how your child responds—getting caught up in the story, wondering what will happen next, taking charge and helping events along. With good stories, growing imaginations and themed toys, kids can see how they fit into the world. They get a chance to re-create real-life situations, learning about themselves and others. They develop thinking and problem-solving skills. And so much more.

Action. Adventure. And age appropriate.

It’s a great age, this “pre-cool” period. Your child wants action and adventure—to feel like a big kid. But you’re careful about what they play with—and probably looking for toys that encourage imagination as well as being fun!

With imagination, great things happen

As imagination starts to soar, kids are fascinated with themes that let them build on something familiar, taking the adventure to new levels with their own creative touches. For a child, inventing stories as you play offers a way to express how you’re feeling and discover your sense of self.

Here’s why parents feel good about Imaginext® play

  • Popular themes & favorite characters
  • Large variety of compatible figures & playsets for mix-n-match play (An astronaut in the castle? Why not?)
  • Kid-sized so they’re easy to hold & move
  • Inspires imagination & develops skills
  • Ready to set up & play for instant imagination!

While they’re playing, they’re learning. They’re also:

  • Getting inspired
  • Solving problems (how does this work?)
  • Increasing language skills
  • Becoming more independent
  • Gaining confidence

“play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”

Alissa, mom of 4-year-old Gwenyth

“It’s fun to watch them create the storyline as they go.”

Samantha, mom of 4-year-old Zane

“So wonderful to have a toy that encourages imagination … our four-year-old can’t get enough.”

Consumer review on

“The way they use their imagination is amazing.”

Alecia, mom of 5-year-old Ryder