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  • Sparkly Utensils

    DIY Tutorial:

By Hostess with the Mostess

Give kid-friendly wooden utensils a royal makeover with strips of golden, glittery craft tape. This easy-peasy project is a quick way to add a bit of royal sparkle to any celebration!

You’ll Need:

  • Wooden Utensils
  • Gold Glitter Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ball Point Pen


1. Cut glitter tape the approximate length of your utensil handle.

2. Trace the rounded end of the utensil with a pen.

3. Cut along your trace line.

4. Cut the top edge of the tape at an angle for added style.

5. Remove the adhesive backing and stick the glitter tape to the handle.

6. Run your fingers along the edges to fold & secure excess tape over the edges of the utensil.

Enjoy! DIY Tutorial: Birthday Ball Garland

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