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  • Circus Lion Cookie

    Party Food:

By Hostess with the Mostess

Guests of all ages are sure to ROAR for these friendly and adorable Fisher-Price® Lion Clicker Pal inspired cookies! No fancy baking skills are required, and you can find all of the tools and ingredients for this project in the baking aisles of your local grocery and craft stores. We recommend using a non-spreading sugar cookie recipe to help ensure that the lion’s “mane” keeps its pretty scalloped shape.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 Batch Non-Spreading Cookie Dough
  • 3” Scalloped Cookie Cutter
  • Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
  • Vanilla Frosting (1 piping bag or tub)
  • Black Wafer Sprinkles
  • Orange Candy for Nose (fondant or candy pumpkins recommend)
  • Honey
  • Edible Food Spray - Red
  • Edible Food Spray - Yellow
  • Red and Black Edible Color Markers


1. Prepare your sugar cookie dough and use a cookie cutter to cut it into scalloped circles. Bake as directed and let cool.

2. Once cool, spray the sugar cookies with 2 coats of edible red food spray to mimic the toy lion’s red “mane”.

3. To create the lion faces, untwist the sandwich cookies and discard the filling. (One sandwich cookie will make 2 lion faces.) Spray the smooth, inside surface of the sandwich cookies with edible yellow food spray, then use a small dab of vanilla frosting to adhere them to the sugar cookie manes.

4. Shape triangle noses for the lions out of malleable orange candy or fondant. (We used small pieces of orange candies to cut and mold little triangle noses pictured here.)

5. Draw whisker freckles and mouths with your red and black edible food pens.

6. Use small dabs of honey and a paintbrush to attach the candy noses and black sprinkle “eyes” to the cookie faces. Enjoy! DIY Tutorial: Birthday Ball Garland

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