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  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberry "Carrots"

    Party Food:

By Hostess with the Mostess

For a “veggie crop” that no kid (or adult!) will be able to resist, dip fresh strawberries into orange-tinted chocolate to transform them into sweet little “carrots”. Display the finished berries on a bed of chocolate sandwich cookie “dirt”, with a Little People® bunny figurine present to keep a watchful eye over the patch!

You’ll Need:

  • Fresh Strawberries
  • 1 Orange Melting Chocolate
  • Piping Bag or Plastic Sandwich Bag
  • 1 Bag Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • Parchment Paper and Cookie Sheet or Tray


1. Wash and dry the strawberries, being careful to leave the stems on.

2. Cover a tray or baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

3. Melt the orange melting chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, according to package directions.

4. Take a strawberry by the leaves and gently dip into the melted candy. I like to swirl the strawberry at the end to get rid of any excess. Lay the covered berry flat onto the parchment paper to dry. DIY Tutorial: Birthday Ball Garland

5. After all of the strawberries are dipped and on the tray, place the tray in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.

6. Remove the cooled strawberry tray from the refrigerator, and scoop the remaining melted orange candy into your piping bag. (You may need to re-heat the orange melting chocolate first before scooping into the bag.) If using a sandwich bag for piping, cut the very tip off of one corner after it has been filled.

7. Once strawberries are hardened, create “carrot lines” by drizzling the melted candy back and forth over each one. Move relatively fast so that your lines are straight. Don’t worry about making the lines look perfect or having the same number of lines on each strawberry - the differences will make your “carrot patch” look more natural! Pop the drizzled berries back into the refrigerator to harden. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve. DIY Tutorial: Birthday Ball Garland

8. For the carrot patch display, crush up the chocolate sandwich cookies (filling included) until finely ground in a food processor. Cover your tray with the chocolate sandwich cookie “dirt,” then place the strawberries on top! DIY Tutorial: Birthday Ball Garland

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