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  • Birthday Barn Backdrop

    DIY Tutorial:

By Hostess with the Mostess

Create an eye-catching (and affordable!) birthday barn backdrop for your dessert table or home photo booth! Personalize the barn for the guest of honor with a number 1, and string garlands from either side of the roof for an instant “barnyard party” feel!

You’ll Need:

  • 1.5 Yards of Red Felt
  • 1 Yard White Felt
  • 2 Sheets of 18x24” Foam Core
  • Duct Tape
  • Hot Glue
  • X-Acto Knife & Straight Edge Ruler
  • 9x12” Painted Barn Doors (See Tutorial Here)
  • Wooden Number “1” and White Paint (Optional)


1. Duct tape the wide sides of your foam core pieces together.

2. Using your X-Acto Knife or box cutter, cut the top part of the foam core into a wide triangle shape to create the “roof” of the barn. (A straight edge or ruler can be used if desired to help keep your cut lines smooth.) If your barn shape feels too tall, use your exacto knife to remove a few inches from the bottom of it and make it shorter. (I shortened this one by about 6 inches.) DIY Tutorial: Birthday Ball Garland

3. Lay the red felt out flat on the floor and place the foam core barn face-down in the center of it. Cut the felt just a little larger than the barn — allowing about 2 extra inches all the way around.

4. Fold the excess felt around to the back of the barn and tape (or hot glue) down tightly. Do this until all of the felt is secure — the front side of the barn should be smooth and taut. Don’t worry too much about the back looking pretty, as it will be placed against a wall and not seen by guests.

5. Cut out long strips of the white fabric (about 2” wide) to trim the barn. Hot glue the white felt to the top of the barn (the “roof”) and down the left and right sides. Using the same method as in step 4, tape (or hot glue) any excess fabric to the back of the barn. DIY Tutorial: Birthday Ball Garland

6. Make a pair of Painted Barn Doors (click here for the detailed DIY tutorial) to add to the front of the barn. You’ll need blank art canvases, painter’s tape, and red spray paint for these. Once complete, you can simply rest the doors against the barn, or secure them to it more tightly with 3D glue dots.

7. Embellish the finished barn with a wooden number above the doors. Use hot glue to secure the number to the felt. DIY Tutorial: Birthday Ball Garland

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