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Why do I still feel so nauseous and exhausted?
Q: I’m 16 weeks pregnant and expecting my third child. My initial symptoms—nausea, frequent bathroom trips and especially exhaustion—don’t seem to be diminishing. Any suggestions?
A: Your symptoms are common and can occur throughout pregnancy. Even though they may have abated early in your other pregnancies, they can be an annoyance for weeks to come. With two children at home, fatigue and exhaustion will be hard to avoid. However, you can take supplemental iron, which has helped some of my patients. In rare circumstances my patients develop an underactive thyroid and manifest exhaustion as their primary symptom. You can ask you doctor to evaluate this possibility.

Nausea is also variable during pregnancy. Contrary to old wives’ tales it has nothing to do with the amount of hair the baby has or the sex of the baby. I would suggest treating the nausea using the following approaches. Separate liquids from solids when eating, avoid citrus products, eat small meals, take your prenatal vitamins at bedtime or try ginger pills. Sea bands for the wrist help some patients, too.

Your bladder pressure may be attributed to having had two other children. The pelvic floor muscles tend to stretch more with each additional pregnancy and bladder pressure can be one of the annoying side effects in this regard. In any case, as the baby grows the uterus moves off the bladder and the sensation dissipates.