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What should I put in a nappy bag?
Being prepared often starts with a simple piece of equipment: the nappy bag. Every parent has one, and some families have two—one that remains in the car as a backup in case the first is forgotten, or they were too rushed to pack the primary one at home.

When picking the actual bag, expect to choose from among hundreds of options. The choice depends as much on your style as on how light or heavy you like to travel. On one end of the spectrum are plain, sleek, black numbers that can do double duty as bags appropriate for work. Others are frankly baby-proud, with designs of teddy bears or rattles. Some are so roomy that they could easily be converted later into real adult luggage!

Comparison shop to find one that not only suits your style but also feels comfortable slung over your shoulder. Resist the few that have small handles; you'll need your hands for other things.

Nappy bag essentials
Every parent's list is unique, though there are certain things that will appear on every list, like nappies, of course, as well as a changing pad. You'll also want to carry wipes and ointment or petroleum jelly. Bring along empty plastic bags to slip dirty nappies into before disposal. You'll also want a bib for feedings and a cloth or cloth nappy to catch drool or spit-up. Keep an extra outfit for baby in the nappy bag, too, in case of a spill or accident.

A few toys come in handy
You don't need to haul all of baby's toys along on every outing, but keeping a few small ones in your nappy bag could be a lifesaver for a busy mum. If you need to distract your infant while you're using the changing table in a public restroom, hand your baby an activity rattle or a teething ring. If you want to keep baby occupied while you eat dinner at grandma's, bring a teethable toy your baby can chew on.