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What if I prefer to bottlefeed?
Formula is a good second choice for babies and of course, necessary for mothers who don't breastfeed. But before you switch, be assured that almost all new mothers can master breastfeeding with practice and some help from a lactation consultant, a support group such as La Leche League, or friends who have been through it. Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt or be embarrassing or stressful if you get the help you need and deserve. Some mothers choose to supplement breast milk with formula, and that's fine, too. Note, however, that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that no baby under one year of age should be given cow's milk, which is hard to digest and can lead to allergies.

Pluses of bottlefeeding:
  • Dad can feed baby just as easily (so can grandparents, siblings, and caregivers).
  • Mothers who don't nurse don't need nursing bras, breast pumps, or other special clothing.
  • It's easy to bottlefeed baby just about anywhere.
  • Mums who bottlefeed can diet, take medication, and drink or eat as they choose without worrying about effects on baby.
  • With a bottle, it's easy to tell exactly how much baby is taking in.
  • Bottlefeeding mothers bond just as closely with their babies as nursing mothers.